Sanu On Thursday, January 20, 2011

1. A file containing relatively permanent data is
a)Random file    b)Master file    c)Transaction file    d)Sequential file   e) None
2. One million bytes of information is abbreviated as
a) Bit   b) KB   c) MB   d) GB   e) None
3. Bing is also known as
a) MSN Search   b) Live Search   c) Windows Live Search   d) All   e) None
4. Microsoft’s latest operating system is
a)Vista   b)Vista Advanced   c)Windows XP   d)Windows 7   e)None
5. AltaVista is a
a)Search engine   b)Windows OS   c)Browser   d)Virus   e)Vista Theme
6. What is other name of LAN Card
a)MODEM   b)NIC   c)Internet Card   d)Network Connector   e)None
7. Which is the latest type of printer interface?
a)Serial   b)DVI   c)Parallel   d)USB   e)none
8. In Windows XP, which shortcut is used you lock the computer?
a) Ctrl + L
b) Windows key + K
c) Ctrl + K
d) Scroll Lock key
e) Windows key + L
9. The maximum number of IDE devices that can be installed in an ATX computer is
a) 1   b) 2   c) 3   d) 4   e) 5
10. When using characters in Windows, what code does Windows use?
11. Which protocol provides name resolution for host and domain names for a TCP/IP
a)HTTP   b)TELNET   c)SMTP   d)DNS   e)SNMP
12. How fast is Fast Ethernet?
a)10 Mbps   b)100 Mbps   c) 256 Kbps  d)1 Gbps   e)10 Gbps
13. YouTube service of streaming videos online is provided by
a)Google   b)Microsoft   c)IBM   d)Apple   e)Sony
14. Which one is not true?
a)Google is a search engine
b)Ubuntu is a system software
c)Windows XP launched in 2001
d)Buzz is an e-Commerce company
e) None
15. A Laptop or Notebook marked 802.11n in its feature, it means device support
a)Bluetooth   b)WiMAX   c)USB   d)Wi-Fi LAN   e)3G
16. In EXCEL, the default workbook opens with
a) One worksheets
b) Two worksheets
c) Three worksheets
d) Four worksheets
e) None
17. In Excel, this surrounds an active cell.
a) Cell border
b) Cell outline
c) Cell rim
d) Cell selector
e) None
18. In H2O the figure 2 is appeared lowered. Which effect has been applied?
dLaid down
e) None
19. What is the Thesaurus used for?
aGrammar options
bSpelling options
cOpposite Words
dSynonyms and Antonyms
20. What is the shortcut of Research command in MS-Word?
aAlt + click   bF3   cCtrl + F   d) F7   eNone


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